Welcome to Kaliber

About Us

It is in our very nature to seek thermal comfort. We tend to go for ‘hot’ in cold weather and for ‘cold’ in hot weather. And why wouldn’t it be so. After all, balance is the key in our everyday routine. Understanding this basic need, we were inspired to introduce a well-designed and well-engineered range of vacuum flasks, bottles and many other products that add value to your everyday life.

Presenting Kaliber
The amazing and versatile range of vacuum bottles, flasks, kettles, stainless steel lunch box, fridge bottles, kitchenware and more. Kaliber enhances your lifestyle, at your home, kitchen, workplace, school, gym, car or even during your outdoor trips and holidays.

Kaliber – enhancing your lifestyle with quality products.

The Kaliber Quality

At Kaliber, quality comes first. The Kaliber range of products are manufactured using high quality material whether it is steel (most of our products use SUS 304 steel), Copper lining, silicon or plastic. This ensures minimum condensation in the outer body, superb finish and a very long life. No doubt repeat customers for Kaliber keep on increasing.

The Kaliber Design and selection

At Kaliber every product and its design is chosen with a deep understanding of Indian consumer, climatic conditions, food habits and lifestyle. The products are designed keeping in mind the global trends, premium quality and good looks.

The Kaliber Manufacturing

The Kaliber range of products are handpicked from some of the best manufacturing facilities across the world. These factories employ high international technology, machinery, infrastructure and quality standards to ensure that each and every product that rolls out is at par with the best in the world.

The Kaliber Value

Kaliber delivers great international quality at Indian price! Customers truly appreciate the Kaliber range. No wonder Kaliber has become one of the most prefered and fast growing brands amongst distributors, dealers, retailers and also the end users all over India.

The Kaliber Vision

To be the most preferred brand in India.

The Kaliber Mission

To be one of the largest brand in its category by partnering with some of the best Distributors and Dealers across India and by continuosly delivering high quality products year on year.

The Kaliber Business philosophy

We see our success in the success of our Distributors and Dealers. And by
delivering 100% satisfaction to the end users.